Traditional Korean Calligraphy

Gwanak-gu, Dél-Korea

Az élményprogram házigazdája Junho

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Calligraphy, the basis of spiritual culture and art practice, is the essence of Korean traditional art. Watch how the brush draws the mind through my own performances, and appreciate the masterpieces of calligraphy and seal-engraving as I share stories behind each pieces. After you learn using the brush and make ink using a inkstone, you'll make a work (including your name) in Korean characters.
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It is easy to find a way by subway line 2, Bongcheon station exit 6.

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  • ital
    Traditional Korean tee
  • felszerelés
    A Muk, brush, papers and everything for the program are provided. You are g...

Íme Junho, a házigazdád

2016 óta házigazda az Airbnb-n
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I am a calligraphy artist and a former jury of Korea Calli-exhibition, who loves and preserves traditional culture. I am concentrating on reflection of human, art and spirit.
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Yil-wol workshop is where you will find Korean traditional culture still alive and breathing - along with 17-year-old layers of dust, which grew old with me. Here, you will be able to learn the basics of calligraphy as well as admire selected pieces of calligraphy and traditional seals.

48 vélemény alapján az értékelése 5/4,92.

2021. május
I enjoyed a meaningful and valuable afternoon at Junho's Workshop, which radiates artistic energy from the overflowing whole-wall bookshelf over a wide and wild display of his art, all the way to his workplace. He really invites you into his personal artspace, which is a privilege in itself. Junho knows how to read people very well. Due to his deep and interconnected knowledge he was able to (and put in the effort) to tailor the afternoon program to my personality, which I really appreciated. Our conversations flowed easily from topic to topic and I enjoyed listening to his stories. What really made this afternoon special to me was to experience the world around me slow down as soon as my brush touched the paper. The intense feeling of clear focus and intention flowing through my brush completely took me by surprise. If I could I would have kept on making lines and circles for hours. Thank you
2021. május
If you want to touch the culture of East Asia, feel like a part of it, and just to have fun, I highly recommend Junho's class. You will learn how to prepare ink, use a calligraphy brush, and see a performance to making a stamp. The studio where the lesson is held is very colorful and full of history. You won't be bored! The approach of the course is very individual and will remain a long memory. Highly recommend.
2020. február
This is definitely worth it. Junho had an incredible depth of knowledge, and his skill, teaching, artistic creativity and works are amazing. This is definitely an unforgettable learning experience.
2020. január
Great personality, I learned a lot. He was definitely an expert and kept the conversation and experience fun. I got to take home my calligraphy and it is now hung up on my wall. Was a great experience.
2020. január
It was very special experience.. Junho he thought me from very basic to little upper label. If I have chance to visit Korea I'll continue to learn next label.
2019. december
This was an amazing experience! I highly recommend this class! I'd always wondered about traditional calligraphy and now I have the foundations to continue in my free time. I loved learn the history and the folklore that is deeply ingrained in this masterful craft was exciting. Master Junho was super insightful and funny. The instructor spoke English well. I walked away with a piece of artwork I'd love to hang in my home to remember this amazing experience by. I'm not even good at artistic endeavors, but found this accessible. There's definitely a lot of skill in the technique. Definitely give this a shot if you're considering.

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