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Hi my name is Kingkan or you can call me Tai.. I am a local who is originally from here as I am also love to travel around the world and now I’ll love to be a host at my own city where I’m grownup I knew my city pretty well as all my family also from here and live here and I am also the restaurant owner who knew how to cook as a head chef at my restaurant as well so I would love to share my cooking experience to everyone who wanna learn how to cook and I’m also love to do lots of outdoor activity like hiking or visiting the nice places around Chiangmai city so if anyone looking for the host or guide (driver as well) who have qualified I have please contact me.looking forward to meet new friends here
Other things to note
The address where I can go pick them up. Day trip details where guest wanna visit
Hi my name is Kingkan or you can call me Tai.. I am a local who is originally from here as I am also love to travel around the world and now I’ll love to be a host at my own city where I’m grownup I knew my city pretty well as all my family also from here and live here and I am also the restaurant owner who knew how to cook as a head chef at my restaurant as well so I would love to share my cooking experience to everyone who wanna learn how to co…

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  • fuvar
    One day trip (guest decide where to go) from 10am to 5 pm

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Hi I’m Tai (Nick name) I am a local who will love to be a host to everyone with everything you need for in Chiangmai I can be a chef and guide as I’m quite good in both things I am also originally from here so let me be your host and explore Chiangmai city together.
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I’ll show you somewhere nice where is less tourists I knew a few good place where only local go visit we call the secrets place especially nice waterfalls out of town and I had show my guest the day trip to visit elephants and tigers also went to see the view up to the mountain also wherever you wanna visit I can be your driver wherever you wanna go as well ;)

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2020. március
Our trip with Kingkan was wonderful. She greeted us outside our apartment with a bright smile on her face ready to get the day started. She was super friendly and she listened to what we wanted to do for the day. Even though she had not visited the main temples in Chiang Mai for a while she still joined in with the experience and we all enjoyed each other’s company. The temple visits were really nice - we saw the famous tourist attractions and some secret locations that only Kingkan knew about which was amazing because the tourist rate was quite low so many places weren’t as busy. The start of a day was a little disrupted due to Kingkans previous guest who was demanding a response from her during our time and kept interrupting but Kingkan managed to remain professional and sorted the issue out very quickly in order to remain positive for the rest of the day. She was very talkative and patient and very caring. She bought us berries so we do not get travel sickness. We tried durian and spicy Thai sausage together, a coffee in the middle of mountains in a secret location, and brunch at the top of the Doi Suthep temple. She was thoughtful and funny and took loads of pictures for us. It was a phenomenal experience. We wish you all the best.
2020. március
I've let several weeks pass before writing this review so that I can come from a place of helpfulness as opposed to anger. Kingkan is a perfectly nice person, but her tour guide skills leave a lot to be desired. First of all, she is not well versed on her country's culture and natural resources - and in fact told us many things that were just not true. Secondly, she is not interested in any sort of exchange (whenever we told her anything about ourselves, she showed absolutely no interest, so we gave up). As I can see from other reviews, she can take you to places outside of the city that she knows of, so if you call on her as a driver only, you probably won't be disappointed. But if you are looking for a special experience, she will need to do a lot to improve her skills. Now granted, we also had an awful time because she insisted we feed monkeys (she is overly interested in her own interaction with animals), and I ended up getting bit by one - which set a whole other experience in motion. To her credit, she did pay the hospital bill and returned our fee (though I had to pay many more hundreds of dollars for follow up rabies shots). But any self-respecting tour guide should know that feeding monkeys in Thailand is a big no-no.
2020. március
Kingkan or Tai was awesome. First of all she picked us up at our place which was not in the center of town and had room for our luggage since we were leaving at the end of the day and had no place to store it. We went to the sticky water falls which were great. She then took us to a Awesome Wat and explained its purpose and culture. We then went to a lake in the area which had huts and other nice things to see. She then at the end of our tour drove us to the airport. Tai is very knowledgeable about the area and will take you places that others don’t go. She is a very nice and made our tour pleasant. She also had other recommendations on sites and places to see. I will definitely get in touch with her the next time I am in Chiangmai.
2020. február
Kingkan was not well, so we had our trip guided by Miu Miu. Although I was kind of upset when as told Miu Miu was to replace her on the day, I am very glad that Miu Miu was our guide. She was warm, friendly, energetic and kind. She also brought us to eat yummy local yummy without her I think it will be difficult for us to order food in the local restaurant. Yes Miu Miu is a good guide, I would recommend her to my friends.
2020. február
This was an amazing experience and definitely once in a lifetime. I’ve done several tours through Airbnb. and this has to be the best one by far. Tai was knowledgeable, and had great conversation and she knew exactly where to go to show us the beautiful city of ChiangMai. One thing to note, entrance fees are not a part of the tour. You will have to pay the fee for any places that charge to get in.
2020. február
The entire day felt like hanging out with friends. Kingkan was super friendly and was very interactive with all of us on tour. She took us to places we were interested in and made extra effort to ensure we not only did tourist sites but also ensured we got to see where to locals go. We went to sticky waterfall and a lake. But don't be fooled by the simplicity of my explanation, there was Soo much to see and do and kingkan ensured we got to experience these places like locals. From blessing ourselves with sacred water from the top of sticky waterfall, to having a picnic in huts along the lake. We also went to see the straw made animal statues near the lake overlooking mountains. A bonus for us was kingkans appetite 🤣 we started the morning at a market and got food, then had the picnic and got more food and then ended with a lovely fresh coconut water. We loved seeing how excited she got seeing animals around, we got to pay dogs and feed sheep along the way. Such a lovely, personalised and authentic day. If you are looking for a tour that is chill, feels like a day cruising around with friends and want to see local hot spots as well as tourist ones then I highly recommend kingkan! We loved our day! :)

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    For the day trip may need towel, spare clothes